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Northeast Valuations Tax Appeal AssessmentIs your assessed value too high?
If so, your property taxes are too high!
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We save you money through property tax appeals. For over 6 years, our real estate appraisers successfully helped owners reduce their property tax liability on all types of residential real estate.

Assessors often make mistakes, failing to recognize current property values. In addition, assessed values are typically increased annually, without a reappraisal. As a result, your property may be over-assessed and your property tax liability too high. We specialize in identifying over-assessed property and helping property owners secure property tax reductions with the county. Our staff of Certified Real Estate Appraisers have years of experience with assessment appeal appraisals for residential properties throughout Pennsylvania. With millions of dollars in assessment reductions, we have a proven track record with assessment appeal valuations.

As a property owner, you have the right to dispute your assessed value annually if you believe the assessor’s value exceeds fair market value. Each county has specific filing deadlines, rules, and procedures relating to the appeals process. Knowledge of this data is vital to successfully filing and winning your appeal and lowering property taxes.

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